Best Natural Deodorant For Kids

A Natural Deodorant that Works for Teens and it's Organic. Wait…..What?!!

When it comes to our children, we want them to learn the very best habits early on in order to preserve their health and prevent future issues. One of the best things we can to is to start them early on a natural deodorant because we all know that our skin will absorb up to 60% of what's put on it.

Deodorant is a daily necessity (for some, more than others!). And deodorant resides in our armpits all day and there's no question that some of it is being absorbed into our skin, especially for girls who are shaving. Open pores are a sure way to enter the blood stream. So paying close attention to ingredients in our foods is not where the "ingredient panel inspection" stops. We must be observant of what will be applied to the skin.

What is the Best Natural Deodorant for Kids, tweens and teens? One that uses ingredients you recognize and have confidence in and that your child does not have a sensitivity or allergy to. And just as important, it needs to work. Otherwise, a deodorant is pointless. CocoPits uses 100% recognizable certified organic ingredients and has been proven effective in countless teens and adults. It simply works ALL DAY. There are a few Organic Deodorants for Kids, and that’s a wonderful thing, but seldom do they cut through the teen funk.

What makes CocoPits different? It's all about the ingredients. We begin with organic because we can rest assured that there won’t be any unnatural residual pollutants like pesticides, herbicides or gmo's. Organic practices are the safest, especially when it comes to a Natural Deodorant for Teens. And we source our ingredients from USDA Organic farms and distributors using sustainable, eco friendly practices.

Each ingredient has a specific action that combined produces an amazing product that you will have complete confidence in because it is safe and it works…..all day long. Then your teen is happy, their friends are happy, and you are happy.