How To Empower Your Pits: The Pit Detox Craze

How To Empower Your Pits: The Pit Detox Craze

Haven’t heard about pit detoxing? We thought not. Or you wouldn’t have wound up here. Or there’s a chance you have heard about it but aren’t sure what it is or why it’s important. So you still wound up here. Maybe you’ve already started your journey to pit health by using a natural deodorant (like ours?). Bonus.

Either way, we’re super glad you found your way to us because here at CocoPits we love you and your pits. 

Maybe that sounded a bit weird. But it’s true. We truly care about your pit health. And your health in general. We’re pretty passionate about it actually. 

That’s why we’re excited to offer an entire Pit Detox Kit that includes everything you’ll need to start your journey to pit health. You get a pit scrub, pit mask, pit cleanser, and soothing pit spray. All together in a neat and tidy travel bag. You’ll have access to armpit care everywhere you go!

Pit detoxing is the newest up and coming way to cleanse your armpit and lymph node areas of all the toxins that get stuck in your body due to the efffects of antiperspirants and conventional deodorants. And here’s where you’ll get all the deets on what it is, how it works, and exactly how pit detoxing is good for more than just your pits.

What Is Pit Detoxing Anyway?

That’s the big question, right? 

Pit Detox Kit

So let’s talk details.

When you use conventional deodorants or antiperspirants, the product literally clogs your armpit pores. That’s actually the point. Having clogged pores means you don’t sweat in that area. But sweating is actually good for you. It’s a natural way that your body rids itself of toxins and helps regulate body temperature. 

You can sweat and not stink. And not have clogged pores. And allow your armpit and lymph node areas to rid themselves of toxins. 

Detoxing your pits is a start. It may not be the most fun thing, but it’s one of the best things for your armpit and breast health! So be proud of yourself if you’ve made this step. 

Armpit detoxification is the process of using specifically designed naturally derived ingredients to help your body rid itself of the toxins that have built up in the armpit and lymph node areas[1]. It:

  • Increases circulation to the armpit area.
  • Encourages proper body temperature regulation.
  • Increases the effectiveness of natural deodorant use.
  • Removes build-up of traditional antiperspirants and deodorants.
  • Allows your body to properly release toxins in the armpit and surrounding areas.
  • Stimulates lymph system to activate congested lymph nodes.

With the increased focus these days on preventing disease and cancer, detoxing your pits is the next step to a happier, healthier you. If you are improving your health and life in other ways, let this also be one of them! 

Plus, let’s be honest. We love spending time in the bathroom. It’s the quietest room in the house. 

Or is that just us? 


The Easy Peasy Pit Detox Process

Let’s talk easy. Because we don’t have time for hard and complicated, am I right?

The CocoPits Pit Detox Kit makes it super easy for you to start the detox process right away. If you’ve been using any aluminum-based products, the full kit will serve you well. If you’ve already made the switch to natural deodorant, congratulations! We’re excited that you’ve made such an awesomesauce decision for your health!

Our Pit Detox regimen is super easy! We recommend the 2-week protocol if you want to dive right in. As a maintenance program, you can do this once a month or as you feel you need it. Now, we’re not gonna lie. We love you and want you to have a head’s up on what to expect when you detox. Here’s the low down on some potential temporary side effects.[2]

Now. Don’t freak out. Let’s talk about this! (Come on down off that ledge now. It’s ok.)

All of these symptoms are temporary and are actually a sign that your body is doing what it’s supposed to do! You wouldn’t expect to lose 50 pounds overnight, would you? It will take your body some time to detox from all the aluminum and other chemicals that have been put on your armpits for such a long time.

So. Back to symptoms and not freaking out.

Smelling funky? We’re not surprised. And it’s not your fault.

After years of using traditional deodorants that contain aluminum and other chemicals, your armpit pores are clogged with toxins and bacteria. Bless their hearts! They’re unloading years worth of yucky stuff. Can you blame them for putting up such a stink?

We bet they’ll feel better soon. Like after a good cry.  Speaking of crying.

Sweating more? It’s your armpits crying tears of joy!

Traditional antiperspirants block sweat glands. So you basically sweat into your body. That’s the yucky truth. And once those pits get a taste of freedom...well, let the floodgates open! They are free to sweat all they want. And they will. From the inside out like they’re supposed to. But not forever. They’ll get used to the freedom shortly, and you’ll be back to you’re regularly scheduled sweating soon. Possibly even a bit less than normal.

Feeling a little sensitive? That’s ok. We all get emotional sometimes. Oh, you meant sensitive in your pitty area. Our bad.

It is completely normal for your armpit and lymph node areas to be a bit tender while detoxing them. They’ve been holding on to a lot of grunge. Aluminum and other chemicals in traditional deodorants are toxins, and toxins cause inflammation. When your pits are getting rid of all that yuck, those areas can sometimes get inflamed and tender. 

This is also why you may have bumps or bumpy patches in your pit area. Poor things. 

Don’t worry, your pits and surrounding areas will settle down soon after all that emotional baggage is released.

We hope you’re feeling better now about trying the CocoPits Pit Detox products!

All The Amazing Things: Pit Detox Ingredients

So we’ve been together for a little while now. Long enough to get personal. Let’s talk ingredients. At least the CocoPits Pit Detox Kit ingredients. We can’t speak for other folks. That would be not ok.

And we’re awesome. So. Moving on.

Our Pit Detox Stimulator is like the Fountain of Youth for your armpits. A gentle sugar scrub full of all kinds of good-for-your-pits stuff. Like super fine cane sugar, obviously. It’s playing the important role of activating the lymphatic system. But there’s also also organic  virgin coconut and olive oil, organic shea butter, organic vitamin E oil, castile soap, and organic therapeutic grade essential oils.  

Each ingredient serves its own special purpose, but they also all work together to help stimulate detoxification and promote good skin health. Additionally, they’re the reason the Pit Detox Stimulator glides on smoothly and easily, from elbows to love handles. Yay teamwork! 

This is also the first step to your armpit spa experience. 

The Pit Detox Mask is designed to absorb and capture toxins that have come to the surface area due to the activation process taking place with the Pit Detox Stimulator. And it’s full of Earth’s goodness! Like bentonite, rhassoul, French green, and white kaolin clays, organic aloe vera, activated charcoal, and, of course, therapeutic grade essential oils. 

Because your pits need to be babied during detox, we have the Pit Cleanse, made with castile soap, vitamin E oil, and therapeutic grade essential oils. All organic ingredients, of course! And in case you didn’t know, during detox, using only organic ingredients is important! It’s not detoxing if you’re using products with chemicals in it, right? Right. Glad we got that cleared up.

The last, but not least, product in our kit is the PiTTy Party Spray. Remember the bumpy patches we warned you about? 

Have a pity party for your pits. It’s ok. We won’t tell anyone.

The CocoPits PiTTy Party Spray is there to console your pits (and you). It’s like handing them a tissue while they cry. Not the cheap ones either. The soft fluffy ones. PiTTy Party has Colloidal Silver and distilled water in it and aids in the healing process of your pits, especially during pit detox.  It kills bacteria too. Bonus.

PiTTy Party is great at making your pits feel better after a good cry. So if you’re experiencing any of the tenderness or irritation that we mentioned earlier, it’s ok to lay off the deodorant for a little while until they recover. The PiTTY spray acts as a mild deodorant so your pits can rest and relax.

Use a dull razor (Tsk tsk!)? Sensitive to the razor’s moisture bar? That pesky thing can often not be all it’s cracked up to be. Or maybe you’re just Mr. or Ms. Sweats-A-Lot.

And your pits are angry about that.

PiTTy Party Spray is good for that too.

We know you’re ready to take the plunge now! It’s going to be a good thing. We know it! You and your pits will live happily ever after in the Land of Health and Freedom. 

Really though. We are super excited to have you on board the pit detoxing train. And the CocoPits team, aka The Pit Crew, is always here to help and support you on this journey. Welcome aboard!