CocoPits | Summer Formula | CLEARANCE
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CocoPits | Summer Formula | CLEARANCE

CocoPits | Summer Formula | CLEARANCE

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A healthful, therapeutic alternative deodorant, CocoPits is impressively effective. Six simple, all-natural ingredients collaborate to create a superior synergistic performance: organic virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, organic arrowroot powder, beeswax, Vitamin E oil, and essential oils (organic, therapeutic grade). 

Safe and nutritive, CocoPits wonderfully deodorizes and, while never stopping the body from its vital and necessary sweating function, minimizes its effects.

Our Summer Formula is made for the warmer months, warmer homes and moderate climates. Due to the nature of the ingredients, they soften more in warmer temperatures and firm up more in colder conditions. Rather than compromise on our ingredients with chemicals that would remedy the issue and produce a year round product, we opted to make 2 formulas. They are both useable any time of year and are just as effective, but application may be more challenging. Winter formula is softer, while the Summer formula is more firm. They may be stored for up to a year should you need to switch to the other formula.

Both the 2-ounce and Mini sizes are TSA approved.

CocoPits mini's (5 ml) are great for travel and sharing. Each mini contains approximately 30-40 applications.

Available in 6 scent options: Natural (unscented), Citrus, Lavender, Woodland, and Patchouli.

Citrus is our most popular scent. It's invigorating and mouth watering! A secret blend of wild orange and lemongrass essential oils makes this scent smell so yummy!

Lovely lavender. It naturally evokes a sense of calm and peacefulness. A special blend of lavender essential oils make this one of our most popular scents.

The "Natural" formula is pure to the core. Using sodium bicarbonate straight from nature, it is sourced naturally from the earth. There are no scents (essential oils) added to this formula. Just the simple, pure goodness of the main ingredients. 

Patchouli is back and it's all the rage! We almost named this scent HippyChouli. But, you don't need to be a hippy to love the scent of patchouli! It's got a rich, earthy, woody aroma with a nearly hidden fruity note. Try the mini version before you indulge in this scent for the first time. People either love this or don't like it at all.

Woodland was formulated for men with a little bit of that extra kick needed for deodorant protection. Women love this formula as well. It's got woodsy, musky and slightly citrusy notes that, when combined, make a very pleasant yet mild scent.

Unicorn is a rainbow of 3 delicious scent and each scent is gently layered into each jar so that you can experience a new scent as you move down the container.

INGREDIENTS: Organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil, organic arrowroot, sodium bicarbonate, beeswax, therapeutic Essential Oils (for our scented versions), and vitamin E oil (gluten free).

Not recommended for baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) sensitive users. Use at your own risk.

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