Pit Detox Products

Is a Pit Detox Really Necessary?

That depends. Have you ever used deodorant with chemicals? How about antiperspirants? Most antiperspirants contain aluminum, and aluminum is toxic to the human body. Let's dive in a little deeper.

Antiperspirants and aluminum containing deodorants leave our pits acting sluggish or shutting down altogether. Sweating is a natural body function and should be encouraged. But when sweat glands are compromised due to the overuse of antiperspirants and products containing aluminum and other sweat inhibitors, they can become clogged or deactivated. Symptoms vary from no longer sweating to simple irritation, an uncomfortable rash or painful cysts. And on the far end of the scale, toxins may migrate to breast tissue and potentially lead to cancer.

This can also cause an overload on your lymph system. Lymph nodes in the underarm area can become congested and lose their ability to function properly. Lymph is part of our immune system and functions to rid our bodies of toxins and is also a transport for nutrients. When we inhibit its natural function, problems can begin to arise. 

If you have any of these symptoms or have ever used underarm products that contain aluminum or synthetic chemicals, you may benefit greatly from a Pit Detox. Read through our detox products and choose which may be right for you. The Detox Kit is our most popular and most effective protocol for pits that need a bit of TLC.