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Our Story

 Our Story

In 2001 living on 5 acres of cactus studded dessert in Apple Valley, California, with 3 beautiful girls, I began a quest for health using alternative means. With a fourth baby girl on the way, it was another very difficult pregnancy, several months of bed rest and dealing with more auto-immune issues than I had ever had. Conventional medicine was not helping. 

During this period of learning and changing my daily eating habits I realized I needed to also stop applying chemical laden products to my skin and change what I was using to clean my home. Naturally that quest included finding a natural deodorant.

After 10 long years of trying every natural, organic and hippy deodorant known to mankind, I never succeeded in finding one that kept me from stinking within an hour of application. We now lived amidst a beautiful ranch in North Idaho and fortunately had already learned a lot about natural medicine and was well into making my own remedies and home & body care products. While running my organic food co-ops, friends would inquire about my success with turning my health around and would pass on my home-made products to them. When requests and referrals got to the point of more than I bargained for, I realized I had a business.

In early 2011, I finally decided it was time to come up with my own deodorant since nothing out there was working for me and I certainly wasn't going to go back to using a deodorant that may put my health at further risk. Knowing the potential connection to Breast Cancer and Alzheimers Disease, I didn't want to take that chance, especially since my precious Grandmother had suffered greatly from both and died from the latter.

While I had tried essential oils, baking soda and coconut oil (independently and to no avail), it made sense to try combining them, as a friend had recommended. Boom! After a few formulations, I had finally found something that worked! Over the next year I modified and tested several formulations, adding arrowroot powder to help absorb moisture, Vitamin E Oil as a natural preservative, and various essential oil blends to add some fun to the mix. 

Every single day I got out of bed that first year, I was so excited to put on my deodorant. And every single day it blew my mind that not one hour, not one minute did I have odor! I would frequently smell my pits throughout the day just to make sure I wasn't dreaming and literally did a happy dance. I could even wake up the next morning, do some gardening, and still not stink! I was so overwhelmed with enthusiasm every day that this deodorant worked so well, I knew I had to offer it to others. 

In late 2011 I began packaging and selling what we then called Cocodorant. Everyone raved about it and the referrals were ridiculous. We added it to our existing line of Grass Roots Country Store medicinals and small offering of personal care products and it took off! Not happy with the name, though, (clearly a horrible name and I get a good chuckle every time I think about it) I asked my husband, who is brilliant with creating slogans, is very witty and a great story-teller, what he thought and he, within about 60 seconds, blurted out CocoPits! I didn't even hesitate; I knew that was it.

In 2015 following a migration to North Carolina to land our new home, we launched a website exclusively for CocoPits. It's been a fun journey to grow my company organically....meaning by referrals, sharing through social media and popups. And it's been wonderful getting to know the many people in my community that also grasped a hold of the wellness movement.

My desire is for everyone to experience the joy and confidence good health can bring and I love being a part of their journey by offering organically made products that facilitate that process.                                        We hope you will join us in pursuit of finding good for you personal care products that are safe and sustainable for you, your family, future generations and our planet. Cherish every day of the journey! It is so worth it. 

Stay confident!
Dodi Mounce | Founder