About Us

Stinking Is Out. Natural Deodorant Is In.

Here at CocoPits, we care about sweating and still coming up coconuts. Sweating is a natural way your body detoxifies and helps regulate body temperature. But smelling like an entire NFL team after the big game is not how we play. You probably don’t play that way either. 

We feel you.

That’s why we’ve done all the leg work to give you the safest, most natural, odor stopping pit products we can.
Every single ingredient in every Cocopits product is 100% USDA certified organic, sustainably sourced, and cruelty-free. The only animals we’ve tested on are us.

We smell amazing all day every day. And you can too.

Pits Need Love Too

What does natural deodorant have to do with it? Everything.

Your skin is your largest organ!
You put only the best, most natural, ethical products on your face. But everything you use on your body matters. Don’t leave your pits by the wayside. They show you love by detoxing your body. They work hard.
And they deserve the same love and attention as your face.
Because natural deodorant is just as important as other types of natural skincare, we’ve created all Cocopits products free of aluminum and parabens. The truly healthful alternative to traditional deodorants.
Pit love is important to us. And we don’t mean the fur babies. Although we love them too. Each one of our products is designed specifically to nurture and love your armpits.
We even have Cocopits for kids, tweens, and teens that’ll have them smelling like coconutty unicorns. Choose a jar or stick filled with fresh and fruity armpit goodness, designed especially for your stinky kiddo. It’s not just a girl thing either. We promise.
From detoxifying to cleansing to just smelling amazing, we’ve got your pits covered...literally.

All Good Things Start With “C”

I think that most of us can agree that coffee is awesomesauce.
But coconut oil is the Oscar-winning ingredient in all our CocoPits deodorant products. And we only use USDA certified organic, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil.
It’s full of antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids that leave your pits feeling soft, supple, and clean. Supercharged performance and super safe.
It’s also antimicrobial.
Which means all those little stink-producing organisms that multiply when you sweat? Bye-bye suckers!

Coconut Oil Fixes (Almost) Everything 

CocoPits cleverly incorporates coconut oil with other organic, all-natural ingredients to create the bomb-diggity of pit products for people just. like. you. (You know who you are, heavy sweaters.) Arrowroot, sodium bicarbonate, natural waxes (candelilla or bees), oils and butters along with therapeutic grade, organic essential oils that pack a punch in all of our deo products.
No parabens. No aluminum. No chemicals. Just all-natural goodness.

Loving Your Pits Since 2011

CocoPits didn’t start with just my armpits. It started with my decision to change my whole life. Tired of the ineffectiveness of conventional medicine for my chronic medical conditions, I set out in 2001 to make everything that went in and on my body as natural and healthful as I possibly could. I became an expert in all things natural so that my four daughters and I could live our best and healthiest lives.
For a decade, I struggled to find the final item that made my “new” natural, holistic lifestyle complete. Deodorant. I tried them all. Every natural deodorant out there. Nothing I tried kept the stink at bay for more than a couple of hours. And I refused to go back to putting anything on my body that may provoke disease or cancer.
Out of that transformation and determination, CocoPits was born. It worked the entire day, every day, and has ever since.
I believe in harnessing the healing power of nature. And I’m committed to keeping CocoPits as natural and healthful as is humanly possible. For your body and mine.
Dodi Nall | Founder