CocoPits Recycling Program

CocoPits Recycling Program gives you CASH BACK!

All of our containers are recyclable so feel free to toss any of them into your recycle trash containers. But we happily take back all glass containers because we recycle them! They go through a safe and eco-friendly sterilization process and then they are cycled back into reuse. 

Simply return any glass containers (lids are not necessary) and once we receive it/them, we will give you $1 for every container in the form of a discount code for future use on your purchases (must be a CocoPits container with the CocoPits label on it).

BONUS: Our recycled mailer envelopes are designed to be reused. Hold onto them because you can use them to ship your jars in.


1. Return your container(s) to

CocoPitsPO Box 4275
Costa Mesa, CA

2. Include your full name and email used to login to 

3. Drop us an email letting us know you've sent us your recyclables including how many items sent (

We will notify you by email that we have received your package and attach your coupon code.


That's it! Happy recycling and thank you for being a part of the solution to a greener, more sustainable world!