Best Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant

On the Hunt for the Best Natural Deodorant without Aluminum

From finding aluminum in the brain tissue of Alzheimer’s patients to finding it in breast tissue of Breast Cancer victims, there’s a frenzy in the deodorant isle at every health food store across the country. And for good reason: aluminum doesn’t belong there. And neither does it belong in your pits.
Aluminum is the winner when it comes to shutting down perspiration. But it comes at a price. Aren’t we supposed to sweat? Why do we sweat, anyway? Yes, we’re supposed to sweat. It’s a natural body function. But it’s not fashionable. So, modern science discovered a remedy. Only the remedy is killing us.
Sweating is our body’s way of cooling down, otherwise we’d overheat. It’s our built in air-conditioning system. And many believe it’s one of our body’s ways of eliminating waste and toxins. So, sweating should be a natural function that we ought not to turn off.
Deodorant, on the other hand, deals only with the “odor” aspect of sweating. There are many out there, but chemical based deodorants pose their own problems. Many chemicals are not safe and some are actually carcinogenic. So look for a Natural Deodorant Aluminum Free option with ingredients you recognize. Organic is best.
But looking for the Best Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant can be a daunting task. Abundant advice is freely given by well meaning friends that believe they have the best option for you, your child or your better half. The truth is, there a very few that actually work…all day. And isn’t that what we want? A Natural Deodorant that’s Aluminum Free really should not be that difficult.
CocoPits is different. It’s the Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant alternative on the market today. Organic ingredients that work longer than you do! If it’s the Best Aluminum Free Deodorant for Women you’re looking for, try CocoPits. If it’s the best Men's Aluminum Free Deodorant you’re hunting for, try CocoPits. Hands down, CocoPits is the winner for the Best Natural, Organic and Aluminum Free Deodorant on the planet.