Best Smelling Natural Deodorant That Actually Works

Looking for the Best All Natural Deodorant….that Works?

Before I tell you that you have indeed found the Best Rated Natural Deodorant that Actually Works, you need to hear about my own personal story. Albeit, a stinky one. Even intended.
When your health hits an all time low and you’re just getting your little American family growing, you get pretty desperate. Especially when traditional medicine hasn’t helped and has potentially exacerbated the problem. There began my health journey along the path of natural Medicine.
Naturally, after cleaning out my food cupboard and replacing packaged foods with whole and living foods, I began converting all my cleaning products and personal care products. All was good on that front except one thing: deodorant. I wasn’t after the Best Smelling Natural Deodorant, just one that kept ME from smelling. I am the worst of the worst when it comes to the funk. There’s nothing natural about that. Ask my friends.
Ten long years…..yes, ten……in search of a natural deodorant that actually worked. The most I would get is an hour of stink free living. NOTHING WORKED. FOR TEN YEARS. I wasn’t about to put aluminum, triclosan, phthalates or parabens into my pits ever again, so stinking was my only option. I tried every single Best Natural Organic Deodorant option out there and literally nothing worked.
So, I decided that I will make my own. I mean, I was already in the business of formulating natural remedies, why not give this a shot? After all what did I have to lose except more friends?? Ok, I’m kidding…..mostly. But, I went for it and low and behold it worked. I really didn’t believe it but day after day I would still smell good at the end of the day. No matter how hot it was, how much I was perspiring, how hormonal I was, or how much stress I was under…..this stuff was working!
For a whole year I woke up excited to put my deodorant on and literally smelled my armpits throughout the day just to be sure I wasn’t dreaming. It was @me to put a label on it. If it was working this good on me….the stinkiest of the stanky, it would work for anyone.
That’s how CocoPits was born and it has worked the same for thousands of others. And it’s not just for women. We have lots of men that say this is the Best Natural Deodorant for Men that Works. A Men's Natural Deodorant that Works? You heard that right. We have tons of athletes, men and women alike that will make that same claim. And the nice thing is that it's also safe for kids & teens…..and if it’s good enough to cut through those hormonal pits, it's good enough for anyone!
So, my advice to you, Buy Natural Deodorant from CocoPits.