Toxin Free Natural Deodorant

Best Toxin Free Natural Deodorant That Actually Works

Conventional deodorants contain multiple toxins, not the lease of which are triclosan, parabens and aluminum. Cancer patients, breast cancer in particular, are told not to wear conventional deodorants and antiperspirants anymore. Why is that? Because the concern is that these chemicals may have contributed in some degree to the problem.
Aluminum is not a necessary compound for the body's function; in fact it is toxic to the body. Yet it is found in antiperspirants due to it's ability to close sweat glands down to keep them from sweating. The fact is, cancerous breast tissue contains aluminum, as does brain tissue in alzheimers patients. That is why people are searching for an alternative, a Toxin Free Natural Deodorant.
Here's the trouble with many of the alternatives. While they realize that an antiperspirant is out of the question because they've come to understand that your body needs to sweat, they turn to a toxin free deodorant option to keep from smelling. While there are a great number of natural products on the market, very few are effective and if they are, it's usually for only an hour or two.
CocoPits is different. Created out of desperation after spending 10 years trying every natural and organic deodorant on the planet, we were able to successfully formulate a 100% natural and organic product that worked the entire day and even into the next. So if you think you're going to have to compromise effectiveness for quality ingredients, think again. You will be delightfully surprised.