Vegan Natural Deodorant

CocoPits is not only vegan and works, but is made with 100% certified organic ingredients. It’s not made with harsh chemicals, fake fragrances, and animal by-products. Every ingredient is recognizable and has a specific purpose that it performs in the product. There are no unnecessary fillers, just pure, simple, sensible ingredients.
So, a Vegan Natural Deodorant that's cruelty free, organic, non gmo, eco friendly, sustainable and gluten free…..AND works? Oh yes. You've definitely come to the right place.
Simple ingredients create this all day lasting formula that’s scented with only pure therapeutic grade essential oils. From Lemongrass to Woodland, and Unicorn to Lavender, there is one scent that is sure to please. We even have one that is scent-free that we call Natural.
Odor starts where the bacteria on our skin meets the sweat from our pits. And it doesn't even require much sweat to set off a chain reaction of bad odor. That’s where our ingredients come in and make so much sense (which is also why they work): coconut oil kills bacteria; sodium bicarbonate kills or neutralizes bad odors; arrowroot absorbs moisture. Those 3 ingredients are the active ingredients. Candelilla wax helps naturally give the product firmness. Shea butter also contributes to this as it conditions the skin. Almond oil & jojoba oils are very nourishing to the skin and also help the product glide on more easily. Vitamin E Oil (gluten free) helps make it shelf stable. That's it done. Vegan Natural Deodorant made simple.