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Stink much? Yeah, we thought so. (Or you wouldn’t be here, right?) Don’t worry, we’ve got ya covered. And we totally get it.

CocoPits All-Natural Deodorant Paste is going to be your armpits’ new best friend. They’ll go together like peas and carrots. If you like that sort of thing. Cookies and cream? No? Ok. 


CocoPits is your go-to healthy alternative to traditional deodorants. Better for you and your pits. Safe, natural, and absorbent. Goes on smooth, nurtures your skin, and lets you sweat without the funk. Because sweating is important. And stinking is no fun. Actually, we’re sure you’ll agree, it’s kinda icky.

Check out our 100% organic, all-natural ingredients that make the magic happen:

Coconut Oil (Star of the Show), virgin and cold-pressed of course.

Arrowroot (Rising Star)

Sodium Bicarbonate* (Director)

Beeswax (Producer)

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (Glam Squad)

Our 7 Sensational Scents (Guys, we’ve got you covered too!)

Lemongrass: Stress sweat? This is the scent for you. Citrusy goodness packed into a deodorant. Lemongrass is known for relaxing and invigorating properties and has a fresh, clean scent.

NaturalNot into a scented option? No worries. Natural has zero essential oils and only the natural scent of the ingredients, which is a very mild coconutty smell. It's made with naturally mined sodium bicarbonate, which is more compatible for people with sensitive skin.

Lavender: Stay calm about sweating. This scent is all the CocoPits rave right now!

Patchouli: If earthy, tree-hugging scents are your thing, meet Patchouli. Wanna smell sweet and intoxicating? Like you’re emerging from deep within a densely wooded forest full of Redwoods? This scent’s for you. Go on with your hippie self!

Woodland: Is smelling manly your goal? Maybe because you are one. Or maybe not. Either way, this scent has just the kick sweaty men — or women — need to keep the stink at bay without them smelling like Aqua Velva out of a bathroom dispenser. Power up with woodsy, citrusy goodness.

Unicorn: We get it. Part of being the cool kid is not talking about how you smell. Or don’t smell for that matter. Kids, tweens, and teens, this one’s for you! Ages 8 and up. Smell fresh and fruity past soccer practice, past supper, all the way to shower time.

Bergamot: Our newest member of the smell-good team! If you’re a hot tea drinker, this one might actually be your cup of tea. Earl Gray. Hot. Citrusy with a hint of vanilla.

Hybrid: We're very excited to share this one with you. This version was created to prevent unnecessary waste. We simply fill these jars with end of the run scents so each jar is unique. It will be a layered combination of surprise scents that can be 2 or more of any of the above scents. It's like a grab bag for your pits! Also, these have limited availability.

Application: Less is more! A small pea-sized dab in the armpit area is all you need. A little goes a long way and over-application may cause irritation for sensitive skin users.

*NSF approved for organic use.

Not recommended for baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) sensitive users. 

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