Pitty Party for Rapid Healing | 2 oz.

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What did you do to them?! 

Are your pits crying? They’re moody and a little off-kilter.

It’s because they didn’t get what they wanted, isn’t it? Typical. It’s not your fault though.

The truth is your pits deserve to throw a pity party every now and then. Razor burn, bumps, itchies, sweat friction and irritation happen. We get it. 

Razors, traditional deodorants, and other chemical-laden products that you use in your armpit and lymph node areas can also create contributing factors. 

When your pits are off and you have to be on, CocoPits Pitty Party Spray is there for you. Like the BFF who lets you cry on their couch at 2 a.m. because relationships are stupid anyway. The one that hands you tissues, a blanket, and your favorite tub of ice cream. 

Because let’s face it. Ice cream makes everything better.

So give your pits less pity. More party.

Pitty Party Spray is a soothing spray that helps speed up the healing process. It’s created with love and contains 100% pure Colloidal Silver, a natural antibacterial spray that can also help minimize odor. So you can stink a little less and heal a lot more at the same time!

We recommend using Pitty Party Spray each evening after your detox routine then in the morning again to help speed up the healing process.

Plus, a party in your pits is always a good thing. (Who doesn’t love parties?!)

CocoPits prides itself in awesomesauce ingredients:

Colloidal Silver made with distilled water (particle size: .8 ng.; 10 ppm).

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