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Pitty Party

Pitty Party

$ 7.00

For when your pits are off and you need to be on!

For some, sweat or razor burn may bring an accompanying irritation to pits. Pitty Party helps to clear that up. We recommend that you discontinue use of your deodorant if this happens and treat your pits to a couple of soothing sprays of Pitty Party to help bring expedited healing. Continue this until pits are back to normal and then resume your deodorant use. May also be used for razor burn or rash due to sensitivity to ingredients. Made with 100% pure Colloidal Silver, a natural, mild antibiotic that also helps minimize odor.

For our Pit Detox protocol, we recommend using Pitty Party each evening after your detox routine to help facilitate rapid healing and a more effective detox. 

INGREDIENTS: Colloidal Silver made with distilled water. Particle size: .0008 micrograms.

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