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Pit Detox Stimulator


After years of using aluminum based and chemical laden anti-perspirant’s, our sweat glands can become clogged and our lymph nodes congested. Our Pit Detox Stimulator is formulated to activate our Lymph System to work as it was intended to do: bring in nutrients for healing and rid the body of toxins. 

Working much the way dry brushing your skin works, Pit Detox Stimulator increases circulation in the areas it is applied, for both your blood and lymph circulatory systems. In turn, a sluggish system gets stimulated and enables activation. When these systems are activated, they move beneficial nutrients in, while carrying toxins out.

Special oils are added to foster gentle detoxing. We recommend using the product under your entire arm, armpit, down the sides of your breast or chest and rib cage (where lymph nodes are located). Pit Detox Stimulator will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

INGREDIENTS: Superfine cane sugar, organic virgin coconut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, raw organic Shea butter, vitamin E oil (gluten free, non GMO), organic Castile soap, and organic therapeutic grade essential oils (ginger, geranium, cinnamon, clove, frankincense).

DIRECTIONS: After wetting hands and armpit area, take about a teaspoon full of scrub and gently cleanse entire arm pit area and surrounding skin using upward, circular strokes, for about 20 to 30 seconds per armpit.  Rinse and shave, if desired. 

Ideally followed by an application of Pitty Party.

2 ounces

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