What Does Natural Mean Anyway?

What Does Natural Mean Anyway?

That depends. Here's what comes up on a google search for the definition:


Dictionary result for natural

  1. existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind.

Pretty simple and clear, isn't it? Or is it? Here's what the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) have to say about it:

FDA has not defined the term “natural” and has not established a regulatory definition for this term in cosmetic labeling.

Consequently, the term is quite vague and any product can make the "natural" claim and not be breaking any rules. Further, there are no public quality standards that can help identify a product as truly natural, as defined by the dictionary.

When we use the term "natural", we are referring to our ingredients and mean it in the truest sense of the word: comes from nature and not produced by humans. We don't manipulate ingredients in the lab, we don't add synthetic chemicals, and we don't test on animals. We take what nature (earth) has made provided, mix it together, and put it in a sanitary container. It's that simple.

However, we do go a step further. Natural should mean that it's free of the addition of any manmade compounds such as herbicides, pesticides or chemicals during the growing, harvesting or packaging process. But with the freedom that comes with the "natural" label, the only way to ensure that it is in fact natural is to use an ingredient that is Certified Organic. Fortunately, we do have quality control options here. There are several sources that have organic standard practices that must be adhered to in order to be labeled organic. The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has such a standard, and they are very strict.

USDA Certification has requirements that you are accountable for keeping to and are inspected frequently to ensure you are always in compliance. Companies that are not in compliance quickly lose their right and privilege of using the trademark the USDA provides. USDA Certified Organic has many criteria for which must all be adhered to and practiced but in it's simplest definition, the producer must use ingredients that avoids the use of synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation, and genetic engineering.

All of our ingredients are USDA Certified Organic or NSF Certified* (which means it is within NOP standards for organic production, as is the case with sodium bicarbonate). That is our commitment to you, the environment and future generations. Rest assured we take every measure to ensure your safety and are always working towards better practices that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and cruelty free.

* What is NSF Certified?

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