Best Natural Deodorant Stick

Chemical Based Antiperspirants Replaced by an Organic One - Yes Please!

Have you been searching for a natural deodorant that is aluminum free, chemical free and actually keeps you smelling fresh all day? Especially during the summer months when temperatures rise and activity increases? How about a natural deodorant that is truly natural in every way: 100% certified organic ingredients, non-gmo, eco friendly, sustainable, and a vegetarian formula that is not tested on animals (cruelty free)? With our company, all of that is possible which makes CocoPits the best natural deodorant option on the market today.
We have a variety scent options using only therapeutic grade essential oils. There's a scent that is sure to please and sure to fight off odor for everyone. Whether you're an athlete training for the next spartan race, an expecting mother, an upcoming teen, a laborer who works in the heat all day, or experiencing hormonal changes, CocoPits will cut through the stink. With our long-lasting, skin friendly formulas, and variety of scents and applications, there is a deodorant option that's just right for you.
Recently we launched our deodorant stick natural formula. If you've been looking for the best natural stick deodorant available today, CocoPits is the one. Made with candelilla wax, a natural wax taken from the leaves of the Candelilla plant, this formula is also vegan. And she a butter is a wonderful skin conditioner which helps keep your skin smooth and nourished.
Our men's natural deodorant stick, Woodland, is the stick of choice for the active man. With a little added boost of tea tree essential oil, which further helps fight odour by killing bacteria, this would be your best pick to guarantee a clean scent all day.
All of our natural deodorant sticks are kid and teen friendly with no concern for harsh or harmful chemicals. Put CocoPits to the test with a deodorant that is committed to purity, safety, and effectiveness. We use only the highest grade certified organic ingredients that you would recognize like virgin coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot and essential oils. We are also fully committed to Eco-friendly, sustainable and cruelty free practices from the ingredients to manufacturing and to shipping.
Try CocoPits today and find the answer you have been longing for. We know you will be forever happy that you did. No matter what situation you're in, CocoPits will be there for you one hundred percent. So go about your day in confidence!