Pit Detox Kit

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Organic shampoo bar wrapped in biodegradable paper? Check. All-natural conditioner in recycled plastic from the ocean’s floor? Check check.

Crazy awesome all-natural, vegan, non-GMO, paraben-free, organic, cruelty-free body wash sourced from an emu in Africa and stored in a recycled-ten-times-already glass bottle? Yep. You got it.

CocoPits Detox Kit? Crickets.

If you haven’t been introduced to the new and improved way to be good to your body and the Earth yet, we’re glad you made it!

The CocoPits Detox kit is your one-stop source for all the goods that will unclog those pitty pores and help your breast, pit, and lymph node areas release built-up toxins and boost your immunity.

The Kit includes:

Pit Detox Stimulator

The Pit Detox Stimulator is your go-to product for the lymph system, breast, and armpit health. It is created to stimulate the lymph system to release toxins and move them out of your body. It increases blood flow and circulation to your pitty area and gently exfoliates, leaving behind soft, smooth toxin-free skin.  The Pit Detox Stimulator brings nutrient-rich wellness to your pits while helping to detoxify that area of your body.

It’s like the Fountain of Youth for your armpits.

Plus, it also contains organic therapeutic grade essential oils specifically used for detoxing this area of the body. Smell good and detox? We think yes.

Pit Detox Mask

The Pit Detox Mask is the trusty sidekick to the Pit Detox Stimulator. Like the little sidecar on a motorcycle. They’re the best when they’re together. (We know you pictured it. And it’s cute.) It’s designed to absorb and capture surface area toxins (some of which the Pit Stimulator brought there), which get washed away after the mask dries and you rinse it off. Just like your face. 

You know why you mask your face, right? Obviously. Clogged pores. Toxins. Exfoliation. Your armpits get clogged pores too. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what traditional deodorants and antiperspirants are designed to do. Block sweat glands. You know. So you don’t sweat. Which also blocks the release of toxins that are released when you sweat. 

Moving on.

Pit Cleanse

CocoPits Pit Cleanse is designed specifically to work with all the other Pit Detox Kit products. They’re better together. Like Bonnie and Clyde. Wait. Thelma and Louise?  

Nevermind. This is the good kind of better together.

What’s important is that you use a clean, gentle cleanser when you’re detoxing your pits. Pit Cleanse is made of completely organic Castile soap. 

AND it’s perfect for shaving if you’re using a razor with a moisture pad.

And of course, in case you didn’t already know, all of our CocoPits ingredients are naturally and sustainably sourced. Good for you. Good for the planet.

And last, but certainly not least (drum roll please).....

Pitty Party Spray

When your pits are off and you have to be on, CocoPits Pitty Party Spray is there for you. Like the BFF who lets you cry on their couch at 2 a.m. because relationships are stupid anyway. The one that hands you tissues, a blanket, and your favorite tub of ice cream. 

Because let’s face it. Ice cream makes everything better.

So give your pits less pity. More party.

Pitty Party Spray is a soothing spray that helps speed up the healing process. It’s created with love and contains 100% pure Colloidal Silver, a natural antibacterial spray that also helps minimize odor. So you can stink less and heal more at the same time!

We recommend using Pitty Party Spray each evening after your detox routine and then when you wake up to help speed up the healing process.

And that’s a wrap ladies and gentlemen! 

1-2 week Pit Detox protocol instructions are included. 

Packed nicely in kraft, biodegradable box. 

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